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I’m getting a lot of requests for more food/snack hacks and I have a ton I can make but I didn’t know if I was already over doing the food section. But since you want them I’ll provide!

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Q: Do you have any about bacon? And sleeping better? Weird combo I know but do you ave any? Please&ThankYou

I read this article about Bacon hacks once actually, I was going to make them when I was making the snack hacks but I didnt.


As for sleeping better, there’s always warm milk before you plan to go to bed, when sleeping on your side be sure to use a pillow, try going to sleep around the same time every day creating and keeping a pattern will help a lot, doing a physical activity or exercising before bed can really help

asked by aee369
Q: Can you make a hack about how to get rid of lip lines without using any type of nuts (im allergic) Thanks ur blog is soo helpful Xoxo

You can get laser treatment, but it’s rather expensive but I’ve heard it definitely gets the job done. Keep your skin moisturized at all times. 

check out this article 


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Q: Do you know a hack on what helps the hair grow more/faster ??

Check the body or health categories and I’ll look some more up for you in the meantime

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